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Draymond Green is still mad Kevin Hart tied him in a 3-point contest

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“He suck.”

Draymond Green and Kevin Hart still have a feud going on. Green went on Conan on Tuesday, and O’Brien had to bring up Hart, seeing as how both of them have histories with the comedian. O’Brien noted that Hart loves to brag about his basketball skills, and Green’s first response was, “He suck.” If you recall, during the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend, Green and Hart faced each other in a three-point shootout — and, by some miracle, they tied with 12 points each.

For Green, he’s still adamant that Hart is terrible at basketball, while Hart claims he beat Green in the three-point contest, despite the fact that, you know, they tied.

Conan: “So, has he got a good three-point shot?”

Green: “No! No.”

Conan: “No? You’re just not having it.”

Green: “I mean, he hit a couple spots where he shot well, and I was shocked ... but no!”

Conan: “I think you’ve made your point.”

Draymond and Kevin are totally going to face each other again in 2017, aren’t they?