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Now that we've seen basketball played on a glacier, here are other locations that would be just as surreal

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On Wednesday, 3,454 meters above sea level, Tony Parker and other basketball players went to Aletsch Glacier to play an exhibition game. No, this isn’t photoshopped — these are surreal photos of a basketball game being played on a Swiss glacier.

According to Eurohoops, Parker didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to play basketball like this:

“I’m always up for new challenges, so when Tissot, my long-term partner suggested I play a game at the top of Europe, I thought it was a great opportunity to do something exceptional. We don’t often get to play often in such extreme conditions”, said Parker about the whole experience.

And you know what, I’m pretty glad Parker and the crew played basketball on the Bernese Alps. The main reason is that the photos that came from that event offered me a good template to put that basketball court anywhere I wanted. So, in honor of the idea of playing basketball in unconventional places, here are some other venues this game could’ve been played on.

A yak’s back:

Inside a dormant volcano:

The chandelier section on Level 6 in Super Castlevania IV:

The floating stage of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour:

The boss fight with Bowser in Super Mario 64:

I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time here.

(h/t Newsday)