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Chris Ivory still out for fantasy owners

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Chris Ivory was released from hospital but has yet to return to practice. We break down fantasy implications.

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Chris Ivory continues to sit out of practice Wednesday as he recuperates from an unknown illness, according to Jaguars’ beat writer Ryan O’Halloran. Ivory missed Jacksonville’s season opener against the Green Bay Packers after being admitted to the hospital Sunday morning. He was discharged a little over 48 hours later on Tuesday afternoon. The reason for Ivory’s hospitalization is unknown -- the Jaguars and Ivory have given no details as to what sent the sixth-year back to the hospital in the first place. Ivory was battling a calf injury in camp that was unrelated to the hospitalization.

Fantasy Impact: There are a lot of unknowns surrounding Ivory. The Jaguars are being tight-lipped about the back’s hospitalization and the team is not giving any preliminary indications about his availability for Sunday. Given the fact Ivory is missing midweek practice, owners should be prepared for him to be out again in Week 2 against San Diego.