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Katie Ledecky had to decline a waffle maker from Ellen DeGeneres because of NCAA rules

During her appearance on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Katie Ledecky had a chance to win a waffle maker by playing a game that’s a combination of soccer and darts. But Ledecky made a note of how she was competing under NCAA rules — and gifts are a no-no — so she had to decline, and concede the prize to American Ninja Warrior’s Grant McCartney.

That didn’t stop her from sticking a bulls-eye on her third attempt, though.

Seriously, Katie Ledecky cannot be stopped.

Ledecky gave her own gifts, however. In honor of her swimming accomplishments and Ellen’s work on Finding Nemo, she gave the host two customized swimming caps with her name and “Dory.” (And apparently, Ledecky is still using the medal-wearing lessons she got from Michael Phelps.)

(h/t NBC Sports)