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Leon Draisaitl’s incredible moves have turned Team Europe into a threat

Remember when Team Europe was bad?

Hockey: World Cup of Hockey-Pre Tournament-Team Europe vs Team North America Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

I, like so many others watching the World Cup of Hockey, saw no hope for the mishmash European team. Though they may be the best players of their respective countries, the unfamiliarity most of these players have with one another puts them at a disadvantage that Team Canada or Russia won’t have.

Leon Draisaitl might just prove us all wrong, though, if he keeps on scoring goals like these. Especially ones that put Team Europe up by three on Sweden’s normally stalwart defense on the final night of pre-tournament games.

I am absolutely 100 percent OK with being wrong if Draisaitl continues to undress defensemen like this. The reach Draisaitl has, not only to bat the puck around Mattias Ekholm — backhanded no less — but finish with a forehand swipe that beat Henrik Lundqvist, is incredible.

Sorry for ever doubting you, Team Europe.