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You can once again order custom 'Harambe' NFL jerseys, you monsters

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The best way to honor Harambe’s tragic death is to pay the NFL $150 plus taxes.

Harambe lives once again ... on the back of NFL jerseys everywhere. The gorilla is, however, still dead in real life.

The Harambe meme — OK, fine, the viral support for the deceased gorilla after his tragic death — is still going strong, and for 14 hours on Thursday, his name was banned from the back of NFL custom jerseys.

The NFL says it was a mistake. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, an MLB official requested that online jersey retailer Fanatics ban “Harambe” from the back of jerseys, and the request was mistakenly applied to all major sports. Now, you’re once again totally free to order as many “Harambe No. 69” Cincinnati jerseys as your heart desires. Free shipping, even!

Is this dumb?


Should I order a “Harambe” jersey?

The NFL would love your $150.

But I want to honor his tragic death.

OK, but he’s a gorilla rememb—actually, you know what, you should go for it.

Is there any chance the NFL did this for viral attention?

The league will definitely profit from Harambe jerseys after this stunt, but MLB’s official story seems reasonable and elaborate enough that it’s not completely made up.

When will we stop hearing about Harambe?

Whoever keeps putting arbitrary questions in bold that I have to answer, why are you asking me? I just write blog posts.