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Oklahoma's backup QB said Sooners would 'light up' Ohio State. Cardale Jones responded.

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Let’s mark this one down as officially a bad idea, Austin Kendall.

IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

No. 3 Ohio State will take on No. 14 Oklahoma in Norman, Okla. this Saturday, and the week leading up to Saturday’s game was quiet, in terms of trash talk. That quietness came to an end when OU backup quarterback Austin Kendall called OSU’s defense "basic" and added that starting QB Baker Mayfield will "light them up."

(h/t to Eleven Warriors for finding this gem.)

"I think they have a really basic defense," Kendall said during an appearance with SoonerSports. "Baker (Mayfield) — he'll light them up. I'm really looking forward to it, and if my number's called, I think I can do the same."

Former Buckeye Cardale Jones responded, referencing his own infamous "we ain't come to play school" tweet from years ago:

Look, it’s no secret that Kendall is doing what any opposing player would do before a game like this — talking up your own teammates’ abilities while calling out the opposition.

However Ohio State’s defense, statistically speaking, is far from anything basic through two games. Yes, they’ve played just Bowling Green and Tulsa in the first two games, but the numbers are still impressive. Currently, the Buckeyes’ defense ranks fifth in the country in total defense, fifth in scoring defense, third in passing efficiency defense, and eighth in red-zone defense.

OSU’s defensive system is pretty straightforward, but obviously effective.

We now go for a live look at OU head coach Bob Stoops after seeing Kendall’s interview:


Ohio State is currently just a -2.5 point favorite against OU. I’m sure some members of the Buckeye defense will make it a point to address Kendall’s comments, either on the field, or off.