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Watch this Houston-Cincy fumble and try to figure out how it stayed in bounds

With under a minute left, Houston was driving to try to go up by two scores in Cincinnati. The Cougars were trying one of their favorite trick plays, with injured quarterback Greg Ward Jr. throwing a lead block, and ...

... hey, that is a really good trick!

There was some debate about whether that should’ve counted as a recovery, seeing as cornerback Grant Coleman might’ve been out of bounds at the time he touched the ball, but upon further review, the refs decided it was too awesome not to count. That’s not what they actually decided, but that’s how football should work.

(The “illegal touching” rule doesn’t really apply here. It comes into play for forward passes and kicks and such.)

It ended up being a big deal, as Cincy turned the runback into a field goal, tying it up, 10-10, against the No. 6 team at halftime.