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Podcast: How adding Houston would affect Big 12 recruiting

Welcome to The Crootletter (sign up to get this in your inbox!). I'm Bud Elliott, SB Nation's National Recruiting Analyst, and in this space I'll be sharing news, rumors and musings on the world of college football recruiting as well as the occasional gambling column.

The SB Nation College Football Recruiting Podcast is back with another episode.

Things have been slow in September on the recruiting trail and the show opens with a discussion of why that is.

However, three schools landed big commitments this month: OrTre Smith to South Carolina, D’Andre Swift to Georgia, and Taquon Graham to Texas. SB Nation recruiting director Bud Elliott discusses all three and where those schools are in the recruiting cycle.

Next is a discussion of the potential recruiting impact of the Big 12 adding Houston. How would Houston’s recruiting change? How would it change in the city of Houston and the surrounding Harris County? Would Texas and Oklahoma be affected more or less than programs like TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech?

Next it’s listener topics, including:

  • Army recruiting
  • The state that has improved the most in talent of late
  • LSU recruiting if Les Miles is fired
  • Teams trending on the trail
  • Top Florida 2018 DBs and possible locations?
  • Louisville’s recruiting ceiling

Give a listen and if you enjoy it, a rating and a share.