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Mark Cuban is willing to pay Donald Trump $10 million if he'll actually talk about his policies

Mark Cuban really, really wants our attention in his crusade against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton And Tim Kaine Take Campaign Bus Tour Through Pennsylvania And Ohio Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mark Cuban’s constant criticism of Donald Trump has been visible this summer, even if you couldn’t care less about Cuban in general. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks made headlines saying he could be the vice president for “either” candidate as early as June, but somewhere since then, Trump totally lost him, and tweets like this became the norm.

Of course, even that wasn’t enough for Cuban, so he took it up yet another notch Friday with this tweet string.

Let’s be completely clear: this isn’t going to happen. There’s absolutely no way Trump would accept this invitation, even if he could talk policy with Cuban for four hours in a room, which Cuban is clearly implying he cannot.

Cuban knows this. He thrives off publicity and promotes his many investments with the attention he earns. There’s no downside to suggesting this offer to Trump — either he accepts, which won’t happen, and Cuban has to pay 0.3 percent of his net wealth to a charity, which he might be planning to do anyway. Or he declines, giving Cuban more ammunition. Or Trump just ignores him, which is 100 percent going to happen, and sucker bloggers like me write about it right now anyway, adding a few thousand more results into a “Mark Cuban” google search.

Hey, props to Cuban. He absolutely knows what he’s doing. That said, in an imaginary world where this actually happened, we at least know it might be pretty enjoyable. The first 10 minutes, anyway.

Well, assuming it’s anything like that.