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David Price ordered so many Jordan sneakers for his teammates, they came on two pallets

That is a lot of shoes.

If you follow David Price on social media, you definitely know about his love for Jordan sneakers. If he isn’t posting about his French bulldog Astro, there is a solid chance Price is posting something like this.

#Repost @the_bean77 with @repostapp. ・・・ Thanks Uncle Dave @davidprice14 #jsonmyfeet

A photo posted by David Price (@davidprice14) on

When I say he loves Jordans, I mean he loves them. And he enjoys ordering them in bulk. Here are several examples of both.

Oh boy...#jsfordays

A photo posted by David Price (@davidprice14) on

Whew. That is a lot of shoes. Those big orders, however, were nothing compared to his most recent shipment.

Yes, that is two pallets worth or sneakers for Price and his Red Sox teammates. It’s hard to say exactly how many pairs of shoes that is, but it’s safe to say it’s hundreds of pairs. Price will surely be popular in the Boston clubhouse, especially if his teammates love Jordan sneakers 10 percent as much as he does.

Price is a Jordan brand athlete so he likely isn’t paying much, if anything, for all of these shoes. At roughly $150 a pair, that is an awesome sponsorship when you are ordering by the pallet.