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J.R. Smith joined everyone on Twitter making Revis Island jokes and Darrelle Revis didn't like it

Shots fired!

J.R. Smith doesn’t have an NBA contract left. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like the 2016 NBA champion is that concerned over it. He and the Cavaliers seem to be working something out. But in the meantime, he might have something to worry about outside of the NBA. He has to worry about Darrelle Revis.

The Jets have only played two games in the 2016 regular season, but people are already growing weary of cornerback Darrelle Revis’ impact. He may have gotten torched a few times throughout in those few games, but the death of his storied career has been greatly exaggerated.

J.R. Smith isn’t buying that. And while he only tweeted a little Revis Island joke (who among us haven’t joked about the island? It’s really more of a peninsula) Revis seemed to take it to heart. He ended replying to Smith about it. And while Revis is probably right about him heading to Canton when it’s all said and done, he should have sat this one out. His reply is oozing of frustration. Quite frankly, he’s being overly defensive (which is more than he’s done on the field. I’m sorry; I promise this is the last Revis Island joke of the post).

I hope that when J.R. Smith signs his contract and rejoins the Cavaliers that his production doesn’t drop one bit, for his sake. Otherwise, Revis might have some material to work with during the NBA season. It’s just funny to him.

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