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Someone made a custom ‘Fire Ned Yost’ Snapchat filter for the Royals stadium

Banners and skywriting are so 2015.

Snapchat custom filters are a fun feature often used to celebrate a birthday, wedding or similar event. If you’re unfamiliar, a person can create a custom geofilter on Snapchat for as little as $5 that will create an overlay filter in a defined area.

Typically it’s something like “Happy 24th Birthday, Maddie!!”

Apparently, they are now also a way for disgruntled fans to show their angst.

And just in case you thought that might be Photoshopped, it’s definitely real.

Someone spent at least $5 to make it very known that they think Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost should be fired and reliever Joakim Soria should be released. Never mind the fact Yost manged the Royals to a World Series championship last year, Snapchat says he has to go.

The days of fans sneaking in a sign or going to the extreme of hiring a skywriter to voice their displeasure with coaches are gone. Now, you just buy a custom geofilter and make sure anyone trying to take a selfie knows exactly how angry you are.

Update: While some filters can cost as little as $5, this one set a fan back $181.03.