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Top daily fantasy football running back plays for Week 2

With Week 2 of the NFL season upon us, we take a look at some of the best running back values to be found on FanDuel and some players worth fading.

Green Bay Packers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 2 of the Daily Fantasy season. With one week in the books, prices are starting to make corrections, but not quickly enough to prevent us from finding some nice values on FanDuel. This article looks at some of the projected lesser-owned plays at running back who could provide huge boosts to your tournament lineups, as well as some trap plays to avoid.


Spencer Ware $6,800 (Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans)

Jamaal Charles is looking doubtful again, so Ware is going to be the man for the Chiefs. Amazingly, given his role and the damage he did to the Chargers last week, FanDuel still has Ware listed as the 15th most-expensive RB. That is remarkably cheap for what he’s capable of, even against a much better defense than what he faced last week. Even if his ownership is elevated, get him in there.

T.J. Yeldon $6,500 (Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers)

Yeldon is in exactly the scenario Ware found himself in last week, thrust into the lead back role against the woeful Chargers run defense. Yeldon is even cheaper than Ware this week and has incredible upside as a pass-catching lead back against a defense that isn’t likely to stop him. Plus, if the Jaguars passing game gets rolling, this could be a situation where Yeldon is asked to close out the game. You can make a case for Yeldon as the No. 1 play of the weekend, let alone the top value play.

Rashad Jennings $6,300 (New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints)

There’s going to be offense aplenty in this game, but it doesn’t all have to come through the air. Jennings got a healthy 18 carries for 75 yards last week against Dallas in a game that was played at a considerably slower pace than what’s anticipated this Sunday. With more plays being called, there’s more opportunity for Jennings to carry the ball, perhaps 25 carries this week. Reaching 100 yards (and the end zone) seem quite attainable, making him a solid value option.

Ryan Mathews $6,300 (Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears)

The Eagles are saying publicly that they want to get Mathews more touches, and the Bears are more than willing to allow production on the ground. Mathews is almost always a low-owned option and could make for a nice Monday night hammer.

Thomas Rawls $6,600 (Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams)

No one will be on Rawls until he proves he’s fully back as the lead man in the running game. The Seahawks are saying this is the week for that, and we just saw the 49ers run all over the Rams. The Seahawks will likely want to lean on the ground game to protect the dinged-up Russell Wilson, and Rawls would very much like to assert himself. All signs point to a big game at a decent price with low ownership.


Todd Gurley $8,400 (Rams vs. Seahawks)

Look, you never want to overreact to one bad game on the road. But do we really want to risk a repeat performance against the Seahawks defense for this price, with so many tasty options sitting a good $2,000 cheaper on the list? Gurley will justify his salary soon enough, just not this week.

Devonta Freeman $7,400 (Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders)

The vibes here are not good. He struggled last week. He has competition in the backfield. He’s on the road and his team might be playing from behind. Go cheaper and be happier.