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Arkansas soccer coach, athletic director dive into dirty puddle to celebrate big win

Well, that’s one way to celebrate.

Athletes, fans and supporters celebrate victories in a lot of different ways. The Arkansas Razorbacks women’s soccer team may have found a new way: puddle diving.

The Razorbacks beat No. 4 Florida 2-1 on Friday. Typically, Arkansas celebrates by calling the hogs. They probably did that too, but the team gathered around to watch head coach Colby Hale and athletic director Jeff Long dive into a puddle.

That isn’t just jumping around in a dirty puddle. That is diving face first and sliding through a dirty puddle. Long — the former chairman of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee — even did it in a full suit. Hopefully he has a good dry cleaner.

Why are they diving in a puddle? Who cares, they are 8-1 with two wins against top-five teams. At this rate Arkansas might want to run a hose on the sideline during games just to ensure a puddle is ready to keep this going.