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The best of Louisville's 'College GameDay' signs, led by TECMO BOWL LAMAR JACKSON

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The Louisville fans showed up on Saturday morning.

ESPN’s College GameDay was live from Louisville for No. 2 Florida State vs No. 10 Louisville, and these fans did not disappoint. Arguably the greatest sign of the day was this epic Tecmo Bowl TD sign featuring quarterback Lamar Jackson.

And, this Super Mario one was also pretty clever.

I mean check out the effort that was put into this thing. FSU running back Dalvin Cook was the subject of many, such as this one, accusing him of an egregious crime.

There were also just some gems such as these.

And you guys. Someone created this epic sign Lamar Jackson with the LeBron James kid on it. If you’re unfamiliar with who exactly that is, a Vine of this little kid saying “LeBron James, LeBron James, LeBron James” over and over again went viral, especially every time James would hit a big shot in a game.

On more of a serious note, Louisville will be paying tribute to Muhammad Ali during Saturday’s game, including this butterfly decal that will be on the Cardinals’ helmets. Several GameDay signs honored The Greatest.

And of course, there were more Harambe signs, now for the third straight week in a row. Don’t expect this to stop being a thing, folks.

Shoutout to Louisville, who never had a College GameDay appearance before Saturday morning. These fans certainly did not disappoint.