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South Carolina State's president piloted over Clemson's stadium in an airplane he built

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — wait, it’s actually his plane.

This is America. In America, we do flyovers.

There are few more pulse-pounding events then watching some jets scream over a football stadium before kickoff. But the flyover ahead of South Carolina State-Clemson will have a personal touch when SCSU president James Clark will take to the skies in a plane he built with his own two hands (and probably a lot of tools and maybe some help from friends).

This isn’t a one-off thing for Clark. Per his bio page on the school’s website, airplanes are kinda his thing.

Along with his passion for education, Clark has a passion for building and flying aircraft. He is an active member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Board of Directors, and has performed as an Air Show Performer. As an engineer and a pilot, he brings the intricacy of “attention to detail” and the critical aspect of its effect on success.

Unfortunately for his Bulldogs, on the field there’s a high likelihood the team crashes and burns against a powerful Clemson Tigers team looking to prove the last two weeks were a fluke.