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This SC State player thought the ball was dead. It was very, very much not dead.

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It’s alive, it’s alive.

What is it about Death Valley and players forgetting what to do with the ball in the end zone? Last week, Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud did this.

This week, South Carolina State’s Carlos Merritt did that.

This is not the correct football play to make. This is not good, and we feel bad for the Bulldogs, who were already getting snuffed out by a Clemson team that was probably pretty ticked off prior to this. We would like to commend the referee here because he resisted the carnal instinct to grab the ball that was rolling toward him. This is a difficult thing to do, and we’re proud of him.

We will add this play to the mixtape of South Carolina athletic programs on special teams, headlined by our friends at Wofford doing something similar

It hasn’t been all bad for South Carolina State, though. They pulled an okeydoke last season, proving they can special teams with the best of ‘em at times. Today, however, is not one of those times.