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North Dakota State beat Iowa at Iowa and then played Iowa's victory song

Everything belongs to them now.

North Dakota State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

FCS powerhouse North Dakota State beat Iowa, 23-21, on Saturday.

Not only was it a painful loss, Iowa paid NDSU $500,000 for this game.

To add MORE insult to injury, after the win, NDSU played “In Heaven There is No Beer,” alternate title: “Hawkeye Victory Polka.”


Now, this is something NDSU has been doing for quite some time, but that song is Iowa’s thing. The Hawkeye band has been playing it as a secondary fight song almost continuously since the 1960s.

But rather than calling it “Hawkeye Victory Polka,” the Bison simply call it “The Beer Song.”

All it takes is a little rebranding and the song can apply to any drinking school with a football problem. (Did I say that right?)