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Michael Vick says Lamar Jackson is ‘5x better’ than he was in college

Lamar Jackson's performance Saturday against No. 2 Florida State had just about everyone on the internet buzzing.

Even Michael Vick. That's definitely some high praise for those who remember watching Vick absolutely dominate college football when he was at Virginia Tech. If you look at the numbers, though, it's not that crazy.

Jackson's 11.2 yards per passing attempt is even more than Vick had during the year he finished sixth in the Heisman voting. His 9.9 yards per carry is a whole lot more than Vick ever averaged running the ball at Virginia Tech.

Obviously there are always places to improve and Jackson probably wouldn't tell you he's better than Vick was in college, but there is definitely something to be said about the season Jackson is having right now.

Naturally, Jackson was honored to hear about Vick's kind words. The former Virginia Tech superstar had said earlier in the week that he thought Louisville's quarterback has "all the tools."

Hard to believe he was only a three-star recruit.