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Ole Miss thought it scored 3 touchdowns on this drive. Refs ruled against all 3.

Well that’s just rude.

So at first, Ole Miss thought they scored here, but Demor’ea Stringfellow’s knee was later ruled down before the goal line.

Then, it kinda looked like they scored here, but Akeem Judd was ruled down before this second effort.

But they definitely looked like they didn’t score here, even though a Chad Kelly fumble bounced into the end zone and the Rebels’ recovery was initially ruled a touchdown.

The Rebels settled for the field goal here to tie the game late in the third quarter.

This continues to be an interesting day for our zebra friends representing the SEC.

The real problem here is that it seems that the Rebels may have begun to bring field goals to a touchdown fight. Although Ole Miss jumped out to a quick 24-3 lead, the Crimson Tide ate into the deficit and eventually took a 27-24 lead.

While the Rebels tied the game here, it probably would have been better to have gotten a field goal either on this drive or the next one, which also resulted in a field goal. The Tide currently lead 34-30. The Rebels wished they had gained one more yard on the above three plays.