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2016 catch of the year is here. Show's over. Ohio State's Noah Brown wins it.

He pinned it to his opponent’s back. With one hand. For a TD.

You have to see this Ohio State touchdown. You have to see it because the Ohio State receiver who caught it, Noah Brown, didn’t see it — he caught it blind by reaching his right hand out behind his opponent’s back, pinning the ball against the defender, and then locking it into place with a hug.

That was the third TD of the night for Brown, and he added a fourth after halftime. The cornerback who unwillingly abetted Brown with the touchdown is Michiah Quick. Please do not speak of this play around Quick or his family members.

We’ve seen catches of this style before. Stanford’s Francis Owusu made a similar play while his opponent got called for pass interference, and the most famous example was by Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro. But I don’t think either of those catches were as good as Brown’s — Brown did it with one hand, and needed to watch his feet while falling out of the back of the end zone. And yet he still made the snag.