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Fantasy football projections, Week 2: Eagles-Bears featuring Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Jeremy Langford, more

We break down the Week 2 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears.

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Week 2 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears features some intriguing names, including rookie quarterback Carson Wentz and talented wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. We've got the fantasy projections courtesy of numberFire.

Philadelphia Eagles

It’s hard to predict what a rookie quarterback is capable of until he gets into real regular season action. Carson Wentz demonstrated that he can ball. He was unafraid of the Cleveland Browns last week and threw the ball down the field aggressively when called upon. He probably did much better than most people expected. This week’s matchup against the Bears is another opportunity for Wentz to show fantasy owners that he may be worth a look as a backup in deeper leagues. Throwing for 278 yards and two touchdowns last week represented a good start. He’ll need to keep that going in order to prove that the Eagles are much further ahead in the rebuilding process than people think. To say the least, there is incentive for Wentz to continue doing well.

As the season wears on, Wentz will have to continue to look to his top receiver Jordan Matthews for support. He did target Matthews quite a bit against the Browns. Fourteen times to be exact. Jordan caught seven of those passes for 114 yards and his first score of the season. In a game that’s likely to be slanted toward offense, he should see a fair amount of action once again. The Bears aren’t what they used to be on the defensive side of the football, so don’t be surprised to see Matthews hit triple digits in yardage once again this week.

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler’s arm wasn’t enough to lead the Bears to victory over the Houston Texans last week, but fantasy owners of Alshon Jeffery don’t mind. That’s because Cutler was able to air it out to him to the tune of four catches for 105 yards and a touchdown. Jeffery has struggled with injuries the last couple of years but a new year breeds new optimism and the team doesn’t really have another skill player who can realistically threaten his position as the team’s go-to guy now that Matt Forte is with the Jets.

Out of the backfield, Jeremy Langford will be responsible for trying to help the Bears keep drives alive. Philadelphia hasn’t had a good run defense for the last few seasons and Langford proved enough last year for the team to be able to move on from its old horse, Forte. Gaining 57 yards on 17 carries isn’t going to cut it every week but Langford did find the end zone against Houston and there’s a good chance he will continue to do just that against the Eagles.