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Ravens block extra point to score SECOND defensive 2-point conversion in NFL history

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The Ravens scored on one of the rarest scoring plays in football.

The Baltimore Ravens are having an awful day early against the Cleveland Browns, but they’re not getting shut out thanks to a recently changed NFL rule resulting in one of the rarest scoring plays in football. After rookie Corey Coleman scored his second touchdown of the day, the Browns lined up for an extra point try that they thought would give them a 21-0 lead.

NOPE. Rookie cornerback Tavon Young scooped up the ball and ran untouched to the end zone.

Prior to the 2015 season, a blocked extra point would have resulted in a dead ball once the defense recovered it. When the league approved rule changes that moved the line of scrimmage back to the 15-yard line on extra point tries, they added an overlooked stipulation that defenses could advance blocked kicks and score.

Last December, the rule finally came into play when the New Orleans Saints blocked a Carolina Panthers extra point try to score the first defensive 2-point conversion in NFL history.