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Cam Newton threw a bomb and then these kids fought over it


Cam Newton threw an absolute bomb to Greg Olsen for a 78-yard touchdown Sunday in the second quarter of the Carolina Panters-San Francisco 49ers matchup.

This is a full-on scrimmage happening right here in the sidelines.

Let me help you take it all in.

We've got the lucky winners right here.

The GIF shows the kid on the right was triumphant.

This one dude in back is just not giving up.

Not a kid, I might add.

Helicopter dad.

Looks like this when his kid gets on the field in rec league football, too.

Really disgruntled, wishing he had gotten in on the action.


I will die here in this stadium.

I have nothing left to hope for. This arm has ruined my life.

And this guy just wants to celebrate the touchdown.