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Notre Dame's Brian Kelly explains why his Twitter account 'liked' a call for assistant to be fired

Coach needs to review his social media policy.

Some people are not happy with Notre Dame defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder after the Irish’s 36-28 loss to Michigan State. They are expressing so on Twitter, which is fine. People often use social media as an outlet to vent frustration. If you’re Mr. VanGorder’s boss, however, maybe you shouldn’t favorite a tweet calling for regime change.

There is a ready-made excuse here for Brian Kelly beyond “I was #hacked.” College football coaches are busy men and having other people handle their Twitter accounts is not at all unheard of.

You can take that at face value and I do, given that I am among the variety of plump-fingered gentlemen who has accidentally faved/liked/retweeted his fair share of tweets through the years.

You’re cool with me, ND social media intern. And while coach may give you one of these later today ...

Brian Kelly losing his shit

... we hope you still have your job Monday morning. Worse things could have been faved.