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Melvin Gordon's mom would not wear a Chargers jersey until her son scored a touchdown

It’s all love.

Some parents of NFL players are simply happy that their son has made it to the league, but not Melvin Gordon’s mom. And she’s not shy about it.

Gordon didn’t score a touchdown in his rookie season, and his mother Carmen Gordon said she wouldn’t until he scored one. She had to wait a little while.

But Melvin Gordon scored his first two touchdowns in Week 1’s 33-27 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. Now that the Chargers are playing at home for the first time this season, Carmen can sit in the stands in a no. 28 jersey and watch her son play.

It sounds like tough love, but Carmen is doing it to keep him humble, she told the San Diego Tribune:

“He knew what I meant when I said it. It’s just a thing he and I and my husband have. I’m so proud of Melvin. …Words can’t even express. It’s hard to get here. So many kids dream to get here and don’t. Melvin is one of them. He’s fortunate, and he doesn’t take anything for granted.“

We hope there are more touchdowns and jerseys in Melvin and Carmen’s future.