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The 1st TD at the Vikings' new stadium was an inadvertent homage to Prince

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Rodgers to Nelson.

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The Eagles and Patriots are facing off in the Super Bowl in U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, the home state of one of the greatest musical performers in history, Prince. Let’s revisit the very first touchdown in this stadium, which ended up being an accidental homage to Prince.

The first touchdown at U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, didn’t turn out as well as home fans would have hoped. It was a first quarter Green Bay touchdown.

And even though the drive wasn’t an ideal way to ring in a new stadium, the stat line is surprisingly Minnesotan. It’s an homage to Prince, the Vikings fan and music legend who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Prince’s full name is Prince Rogers Nelson. Aaron Rodgers threw that touchdown to Jordy Nelson.

Rodgers to Nelson. Really.

Twitter user Ryan Henning was one of the first people to to notice the correlation between the touchdown connection and the icon. You can call it a coincidence, but this is incredible.

Prince was also honored as part of the inaugural halftime performance.