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Fantasy football waiver wire advice: Quarterback rankings for Week 3

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The waiver wire begins late Tuesday, so it is time to figure out your best options. We’ve got rankings for all four major positions: QB | RB | WR | TE

Editor's note: If you are unable to land any of these players, check out our trade advice for Week 3, including some buy low and sell high candidates.

The second week of the 2016 regular season is just about coming to a close, with only the Monday Night Football game remaining. Most fantasy football leagues will run their waiver wire late Tuesday or early Wednesday, but we are here to help you get a jump on the best options to consider.

We will be ranking the top five players likely to be available in your league at each of the four major positions. Some weeks there might not be five good options available, but we’ll scour for the best we can find. Additionally, throughout the week, we will update each of these articles as ownership percentages change (via Yahoo!), and news arrives.

There were a few unexpected performances through Sunday in Week 2. These included Ryan Tannehill posting start-worthy numbers in a valiant comeback attempt, and a former Super Bowl champion initially thought to have no weapons. These quarterbacks, among others, may be easily obtainable and make significant contributions to your team.

Editor's update: Carson Wentz had another solid performance in Week 2, throwing for 190 yards and a touchdown, and rushing for ten yards. He is owned in 15 percent of leagues. He would rank near the bottom of this list due to his lack of significant rushing yards.

Waiver wire quarterback rankings, Week 3

1. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (46 percent owned) - UPDATE: 45 percent owned

Prescott’s growth was apparent in Week 2, as it appeared he was much more comfortable targeting Dez Bryant. Prescott threw for 292 yards for no scores, but he was able to run for a touchdown on his only rush of the game. A big reason to acquire Prescott now is that his next two games are against the Chicago Bears, and San Francisco 49ers, two teams with very beatable defenses. If Prescott is able to further develop his rapport with Bryant, remain efficient, and allowed to use his legs a bit more, he will be an excellent start in any league -- especially in the next two weeks.

2. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens (29 percent owned) - UPDATE: 29 percent owned

It’s somewhat surprising that a former Superbowl Champion is unowned in the significant majority of fantasy leagues, however the Ravens offense did not appear promising in the preseason. Now that Week 2 has passed it’s clear that the Baltimore offense has some very powerful weapons in Mike Wallace and Dennis Pitta for Flacco to take advantage of. Flacco threw for 302 yards and two touchdowns in his Week 2 outing, and looks to build upon that in Week 3. He possesses a favorable matchup next week against the Jaguars, a team whose defense has not lived up to the offseason hype.

3. Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins (28 percent owned) - UPDATE: 35 percent owned

Despite his very slow start to the game in which Tannehill essentially sat idly by as his team was shutout by backup quarterbacks, he was able to turn it around in the second half. He ultimately ended the day passing for 389 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Tannehill showed his ability to focus on the task at hand despite the deficit his team faced, and looked to be able to rally his team. He plays a pitiful Browns defense in Week 3, which sets the stage for a big fantasy outing.

4. Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings (8 percent owned) - UPDATE: 10 percent owned

Bradford may have started for the first time in a Vikings uniform in Week 2, but he looked more comfortable than he has in recent memory. Despite a run-first offense, the injury to Adrian Peterson may change future game plans for Minnesota. Bradford finished the game with 286 yards passing, and two touchdowns, whilst displaying efficiency and ball security. He looked to have chemistry with Stefon Diggs, and plays an exploitable Panthers secondary in Week 3.

5. Blaine Gabbert, San Francisco 49ers (4 percent owned) - UPDATE: 4 percent owned

Gabbert doesn’t have the most stellar of NFL resumes, however he may have found a home in San Francisco. He outperformed most people’s expectations in Week 2, traveling to face the Carolina Panthers and throwing for 243 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. While those stats aren’t anything too special, the thing that makes Gabbert an intriguing option is his propensity to run the ball, as he did in Week 2 for an additional touchdown. While his Week 3 matchup in Seattle may be daunting, he was able to shock most analysts by performing well in Charlotte. Gabbert may surprise again, especially if he can continue to connect with the 49ers best wide receiver, Torrey Smith.