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LeBron James showed up at the Rams game, so L.A. fans yelled ‘KOBE!’ at him

LeBron James joined the teeming crowds in Los Angeles to see the first regular season Rams game in their new stadium, and it was an interesting experience for the NBA superstar. He arrived on the field to chants ...

Too bad it was for a different player.

LeBron spent some time yelling at the Rams’ owner.

When the game began it was the peak of excitement. A single-score game between the Rams and Seahawks, who wouldn’t be amped! LeBron was so excited he got a helmet, as if he wanted to run onto the field himself.

We may never know why LeBron was balancing a tiny helmet on his head. Perhaps this is a full-size helmet and LeBron has drank too much of the nerve tonic from The Simpsons that gave Ken Griffey Jr. gigantism.

It was probably a tiny helmet. Hopefully it had ice cream in it at one point in time. The ice cream-filled helmet is one of the best things in sports.

We hope you enjoyed the game, LeBron. You definitely made the right call heading to Los Angeles instead of staying at home and seeing the Browns collapse.