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Here are the all-time college basketball rosters in ‘NBA 2K17’

College basketball (kinda) returns to video games for the first time since 2008.

Allen Iverson Georgetown NBA 2K17
Operation Sports

Before NBA 2K17 was released last week, word trickled out that the game included all-time rosters for 10 college teams. Now we know the details around the bundle and the players on those teams.

The schools available are: Michigan State, Oklahoma, Georgetown, Illinois, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Louisville, Arizona, and UConn. The “All-Time College Bundle” is available for $14.99 and is limited to the game’s “quick play” mode.

Operation Sports posted screenshots of the rosters. The bundle includes a good mix of recent college players (Denzel Valentine, Buddy Hield), legends (Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson) and guys that were awesome in college but haven’t really cracked it in the NBA (Dee Brown, Russ Smith). If you ever wanted to play with Muggsy Bogues in a video game, now is your chance.

For college basketball fans that have been itching for a video game since College Hoops 2K8, this is a nice alternative. We just wish 2K gave us these teams with the game instead of asking us to spend another $15.

NBA 2K Georgetown vs. Kansas
Operation Sports
NBA 2K Louisville vs Arizona
Operation Sports
NBA 2K Illinois vs. UConn
NBA 2K Georgia Tech vs. Oklahoma
NBA 2K Michigan State vs. Wake Forest