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Baylor says Shawn Oakman isn't allowed to make any more visits to the Bears' locker room

The indicted former Bears player showed up in their locker room last week. The coach says he didn't recognize him, and the university now says Oakman isn't allowed to return.

As Baylor attempts to distance itself from its recent sexual assault scandals, figures involved in its past few years remain connected, if not necessarily in official ways.

During Baylor’s game Friday against Rice, fired head coach Art Briles was spotted in the crowd, with some fans allegedly cheering for him. His son, Kendal, remains on staff as offensive coordinator.

Former defensive lineman Shawn Oakman was also in attendance. Oakman was indicted and charged with sexual assault earlier this year, after he’d left the team.

Not only was Oakman in the stands. He also came into the locker room after the game. When asked about Oakman’s appearance, acting head coach Jim Grobe offered this response on Monday:

Baylor later said Oakman wasn't allowed back.

Grobe took over as head coach in May, months after Oakman’s exit, and spent much of his time before fall camp dealing with roster attrition.

Baylor’s quarterback, who knows Oakman, had no problem with the visit.

During halftime of the Friday night game, Rice’s band played a show meant to "satirize" the scandal, its university later explained.