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Bucks fans want their team to get weird again

Two years ago, the Bucks were a hipster favorite. Last year, they tried to be more conventional and failed. Can they get back to the idiosyncratic style that worked before?

Our offseason team-by-team series continues with the Milwaukee Bucks, one of my favorite teams to talk about. The hipster favorite of two years ago fell apart last season, but discovered an exciting new world in the process. Let the Point Giannis Antetokounmpo era begin!

In this episode, Frank Madden and Eric Nehm, the editors of SB Nation’s Bucks site Brew Hoop and the co-hosts of the Locked On Bucks podcast, join me to discuss the following:

  • What actually went wrong last year?
  • How do the Bucks get back to being weird while also compensating for the holes that may cause?
  • Point Giannis is going to work beautifully, right? Right?
  • What’s the next step for Jabari Parker on the court? How can he turn into the Bucks’ second building block? Can Eric’s unique nickname catch on?
  • Why haven’t Michael Carter-Williams and Greg Monroe worked out? Is there any hope they can fit in? Will they even be on the roster this season?
  • Where is this team going in the short- and long-term? The core is young, but the team doesn’t have nearly as much cap flexibility as you’d think.

Next up: the Sacramento Kings. We understand we’re deviating from our plan to go in order from worst record to best record last season, but we’ve had some scheduling conflicts to overcome. We promise Sacramento will be recorded just after the holiday.

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