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Corey Coleman likely starting punt returner, fantasy value rises

Corey Coleman adds punt returner to his starting role. We look at fantasy implications.

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson said rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman is likely to get the start as punt returner in Week 1, according to Browns beat writer Steve Doerschuk. The 15th overall pick adds the punt return responsibilities to his starting receiver role for the Browns. Coleman had a rocky preseason, battling a hamstring injury and no-show outings in his only two appearances. Still, he is expected to start as a top target for the Browns Week 1.

Fantasy Spin:

The Browns have a lot of faith in their first-round pick this year. Coleman’s nod for punt returner is a big plus for fantasy owners in points for punt return leagues. This, along with his starting receiver role, could make Coleman an attractive WR2. However, his lackluster preseason performance may give some fantasy owners pause. Despite the setbacks, Coleman is a strong flex candidate in a likely pass-heavy Browns offense. The punt returning is just another boost.