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Kliff Kingsbury became a football coach because he didn't want to pay $1,500 in parking tickets

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Seems reasonable.

UTEP v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

In 2007 Kliff Kingsbury was facing a decision a lot of football players face after struggling to catch on at the professional level: What do I do with my life?

Kingsbury was in the Canadian Football League at the time, following brief stints in the NFL and NFL Europe. He saw the writing on the wall and was planning to retire and go back to school to pursue his MBA. There was only one problem — parking tickets. A lot of parking tickets.

While trying to get his schooling plans in order, Kingsbury called Texas Tech to ask about his transcripts. At that point he was told he had $1,500 in outstanding parking tickets and would need to pay the fines off to receive his transcript.

The story comes from Don Williams and his profile of Kingsbury in Lubbock Magazine:

Instead of paying the fines and pursuing his MBA, Kingsbury instead took a job on Dana Holgorsen’s staff while he was the head coach at Houston. A couple coaching moves later, Kingsbury is the head coach at Texas Tech and the rest is now history.

The only question that remains is whether Kingsbury will pay off the fines now that he’s head coach at Texas Tech. Or maybe that was written into his contract.