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Larry Brown’s next coaching stop could be at a high school in New York

Larry Brown has been a bit of a coaching nomad during his career, serving as the head coach for 13 different teams with stops in the ABA, NBA, and college. He may add a 14th head-coaching stop soon, at a high school in East Hampton, New York.

Brown has been out of coaching since July when he resigned as the head coach at SMU. He’s been living in East Hampton, which may open the door to his next opportunity.

“There’s a high school in East Hampton where I’m currently staying,” Brown said, via the Kansas City Star. “I’m going to speak to the AD there.”

“If I do that, I can’t do it halfway. They told me I can still speak and go to colleges, but I don’t want to cheat the kids. So if I’m going to do it, I’ll do it 100 percent. I’ve got so much I’ve been taught from players (he worked with) and coaches I played for. I just want to share it somehow.”

While coaching high school basketball is certainly a step down for someone with Brown’s resume, it appears he just wants to coach. No matter what level. He says he doesn’t want to retire and needs to stay busy.

He wouldn’t be the first accomplished coach to dip into the high school ranks. Former Green Bay Packers and Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman is coaching high school football.

If he does take the job, it could happen soon. Kevin Maher reports the athletic director at the school hopes to hear back from Brown by the end of the week.