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Jim Harbaugh stands by 'candy-ass' milk opinion, even when told Urban Meyer disagrees


Michigan Football Spring Game Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh does not back down from confrontation, especially when it comes to opinions about milk. Or, the type of milk Ohio State head coaches drink, for that matter. Harbaugh, who made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, called out Urban Meyer when Patrick informed him that Meyer drinks skim milk. In fact, Harbaugh responded by saying that Michigan refuses to drink skim, or “candy-ass milk.”

Now, a little background here — this isn’t the first time Harbaugh has given strong #takes on milk, and certainly not “candy-ass” skim milk. Last April, the Michigan head coach made an appearance on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. There, he revealed that his affinity for milk — whole milk, to be specific — began when he heard that drinking milk builds strong bones. So in the third grade, he got a job at his elementary school distributing milk to the students. Here’s an excerpt from Harbaugh’s conversation about the job to Real Sports’ Andrea Kremer.

“The pay was a free milk every day, plus the ability to drink the milk of the kids who weren’t there or who didn’t want their milk.

"I drank a lot of milk, Andrea," he says. "A lot of milk. Whole milk, though. Not the candy ass two percent or skim milk."

So there you have it. Harbaugh refuses to back down on milk opinions. I guess we can start calling Ohio State-Michigan the Milk Battle?