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Oddmakers set the baseline for Warriors wins next season at a number only 12 teams have ever achieved

The Warriors do seem like a decent team to try and make history.

The NBA season is right around the corner and with that comes the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook’s regular-season win total. Last year, the Warriors came in at a cool 60.5. This year? 66.5 wins. That prediction means the Warriors will have one of the 12 best NBA seasons in history. While it was literally history what the Warriors did last year, it’s still impressive that oddsmakers are predicting them to be this historically good again.

There aren’t many NBA teams that have ever won 67 games in a single season. Only 12, to be exact, and two of those seasons belong to the Warriors. So if anyone can live up to this expectation, it will be them.

So are you taking the over or the under on Kevin Durant and the Warriors? And of course, Stephen Curry too.