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Texas’ lieutenant governor said the one Big 12 expansion thing that is definitely true

For all the times you’ve thought “it’s the Big 12, but it has 10 teams.”

GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Holds Primary Night Gathering In Houston, Texas Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas is back and he’s got more takes about what the conference should do in this super fun cycle of possible expansion. But this time, he’s actually right?

This is a poorly crafted ether, but it is an ether nonetheless. It’s a dad joke-style ether and those are their own category.

Patrick is not the only politician to say something about Big 12 expansion. In fact, he’s not the only one in the Texas capitol building to do so. The league has courted anyone willing to submit an application. It has made it appear like expansion is imminent and sort of necessary, and then David Boren (who is also the chairman of the Big 12 board) made it seem like they may not do it after all.

At this point, the remarks read like Patrick is just fed up with the whole dog and pony show like the rest of us. He has a vested interest in the thing actually expanding, true, but he’s not the only one who wishes the Big 12 would just get on with it.

Nobody knows what to think about what the conference will do, but we should get some clarity on the issue next month, if not sooner.

Maybe they’ll make Patrick commissioner after it’s all over.