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USC head coach Clay Helton denies internet rumor he was punched by a player who transferred

The USC coach says the internet is wrong.

Alabama v USC Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Rumblings on both Reddit and message boards at Fighton247 had information that USC coach Clay Helton was punched by a player named E.J. Price at practice. Price is an offensive lineman from Georgia who ended up at USC after a messy recruiting process.

After practice Tuesday, Helton said that there was no altercation. He added that the distance from Price’s family is the real problem in the situation. Helton told reporters that Price will transfer to a different school.

"I'm not a big social media guy, but I got told today about E.J. Price hitting me, which is funny. I wouldn't be here; I'd be dead, one," Helton said.


"I talked to E.J. a couple days ago. E.J. has some personal family issues that are going on -- a lot of homesickness and missing family really bad. With us sitting down and visiting, really felt, mutually, that it was important for him to go find a school that is closer to home, where he can deal with his family."