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Marshawn Lynch worked in a chocolate factory and it went downhill, 'I Love Lucy'-style

Marshawn Lynch is selling chocolate now. To celebrate his partnership with IT’SUGAR and the release of his new chocolate bars, Lynch challenged himself to work in a chocolate factory, I Love Lucy-style. Remember that episode when Lucy and Ethel worked in a chocolate factory under intense pressure and it all went downhill? The same went for Lynch and his friends, who all pretty much said “fuck it” and packed truffles however they could. Fuck it, just put it in Marshawn’s hat.

Lynch was also on Tuesday’s Conan to promote his chocolate, and he wanted to do it the old-fashioned way: Willy Wonka-style. An audience member had a bar stuck under his seat with a gold ticket, which granted him a trip to Seattle to hang out with Lynch at the Seattle Chocolate Company.

For some reason, the guy didn’t want to open it, so Lynch jokingly ran over and demanded the chocolate back.

Along with taking an adventure with Bear Grylls, it’s been a great month to be Marshawn Lynch.