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Into Focus: ESPN's Chris Fowler wants to call games and take pictures of animals

A deep dive with the voice of college football and tennis.

We just sort of accept ESPN's Chris Fowler as ubiquitous in the college football world, but his own view of his place as the voice of the sport, first hosting College GameDay and now focusing on play-by-play, is an interesting one. Can he separate himself from big moments? How much thought does he put into what he says in big moments and how much does he measure his words, knowing that each syllable can be misinterpreted by a fast-moving world, especially on social media platforms?

On top of his place atop the very opinionated world of college football media, he also happens to be the primary voice of tennis in America, so how does his place in a very different world affect how he approaches his job?

On the first episode of Into Focus, Chris Fowler lets us into his world to help understand how he thinks about broadcasting, the sports landscape in 2016, and how he sees his role in affecting a fan's experience.