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Here is a very good dog dressed up as 4 legendary WWE wrestlers

Good dog needs a title shot.

Every photo of a dog on the internet shows a good dog. Whether it’s a shot of one dog performing front flips with ease or a thousand of them just lounging at a ballpark, you can’t help but smile at the way they all blissfully go about their day.

But this dog is unequivocally a great dog. Not only is this little one a good pug, but he is getting ready for Halloween by trying on a few costumes. And as if that wasn’t enough for you to guffaw, he’s dressing up as legendary pro wrestlers.

Reddit user missroseblood used her sewing skills to create four custom pro wrestling attires — The Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan — and they are spot on. The attention to detail in every costume conjures up that warm feeling of nostalgia that most associate with these wrestlers and the collective era.

The Undertaker has the iconic purple gloves and tie of the character’s early iteration, complete with his logo and even a tiny coffin and urn. The only thing that can complete this adorably fearful persona would be if this Pug Undertaker had an even smaller dog manager named Pug Bearer. Oh yes!

He ditches the black gothic threads in favor of a more extravagant look, sporting pink leopard-print tights and a golden jacket. Oh, and he casually has shades and a fancy new hat that matches the rest of the look. He’s Macho Man Randy Savage, ready to cut a promo in front of the old WWF logo. Now, where’s Gene Okerlund?

This Pug’s skills on the mic don’t stop with the Macho Man gimmick. They also extend to Pupper’s Piper’s Pit as Rowdy Roddy Piper. All he needs is a suave leather jacket, and maybe a little direction. He looks like he’s reaching out to the cameraperson for advice. “What’s my motivation? Who’s my opponent? This TV deal is ruff.”

But quite possibly the best costume has to be the simplest one. With the help of blue tights, an American flag, and a trusty 2x4, the pug instantly transforms into Hacksaw Jim Duggan. This great dog is ready for his pro wrestling debut, world. Push it to the main event!