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Morning Skate: Joy and trepidation for Team North America at the World Cup

The youngsters might be on the outs.

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Team North America v Sweden Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

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Lace 'em up. Time for the Morning Skate.


What a game between North America and Sweden. The stout Swedes were arguably the toughest test the youngsters from the New World had to face so far in the World Cup, and it resulted in three periods of deadlocked, fun hockey. Oh, and also the most ridiculous 3-on-3 overtime we’ve ever seen that left everyone’s jaw stuck to the floor.

The only problem for North America: finishing in overtime means they need Finland to beat Russia today in order to advance to the semifinal against Canada, who took down Europe with ease on Wednesday.

We are all Finns today.

Unless some of us are also Russians.

TEAM USA fallout

Seemingly every sports outlet on the web took time to dance on USA’s grave yesterday. Your sports pals here at SB Nation were no different. Here’s a snippet of what we wrote about United States management prioritizing grit over skill:

"Prioritizing those values reeks of a roster and philosophy you use when you know you’re the weakest team and you have to zig while the contenders zag. It’s actively claiming the scrappy underdog title when nobody else was throwing it at you anyway.

There’s zero reason the United States should ever think this way."

Check out the rest here. USA general manager Dean Lombardi speaks to the media this morning.