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Grizzlies fans say goodbye to Grit ‘N Grind and hello to a mysterious new era

The Grizzlies are attempting to transition from their memorable rally cry into something new. This will be fascinating to watch.

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Grit ‘N Grind is dead, according to our latest podcast guest. Joe Mullinax, the managing editor of SB Nation’s Grizzly Bear Blues, joins the show to help us understand what comes next in Memphis. Among the topics discussed:

  • How did the relationship between Dave Joerger and the front office fall apart? What should we expect from new coach David Fizdale?
  • Few expected Chandler Parsons to come to Memphis this summer (though Joe was a notable exception). How will the Grizzlies alter their style of play to fit him in?
  • Can Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Parsons stay healthy? Who are these mostly unproven reserves that’d have to step in if they can’t?
  • If Grit ‘N Grind is dead, what roles will Zach Randolph and Tony Allen play?
  • We’d do almost anything to get our hands on one of those Memphis Sounds jerseys.
  • Did we mention our concerns about the Grizzlies staying healthy?

Also, we eventually punt on making a firm prediction because we have no idea what to make of this team. Sorry!

Next up: the Dallas Mavericks.

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