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'Tom Brady is a system quarterback' takes will keep the internet warm during a cold winter

Roses are red. Your mom’s a nice lady. We have proof the Patriots don’t need Tom Brady ... said some guy on Twitter.

NFL: New England Patriots-Training Camp
The foolish masses line up for their chance to meet famous system QB Tom Brady.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I bet you could come up with at least five things we learned from the Patriots’ 27-0 drubbing of the Texans on Thursday night. Let me save you some bullet points.

Here’s the ONLY takeaway you need to know from that game: TOM BRADY IS A SYSTEM QUARTERBACK.

Still not convinced? Look no further than what people are saying on Twitter dot com.

Maybe breaking that sentiment with dramatic periods will drive this point home to you.

This is an important issue, so you’d better take it to the mainstream media so that everyone knows. Please CC the folks at Morning Joe, or least Mike and Mike, sports’ version of Morning Joe.

In the interest of #analysis, let’s back up a bit here. We need to establish just what exactly a "system QB" is.

Wikipedia defines it as: "A system quarterback is an American football quarterback who flourishes under a particular offensive system, specifically one that focuses on passing."

Good enough for me. Quarterbacks pass the football. They do so as part of an offensive game plan that doesn’t change regardless of who’s at quarterback. And it’s pretty clear from the state of the modern NFL that anybody can play quarterback so long as they have the right system. There’d be 32 good quarterbacks if there were 32 good systems. Duh.

Back to the issue at hand: Tom Brady, system quarterback.

Let’s look at some data.

I’m not really sure what DMac means with that tweet, but it’s a really good point.

Forget the context, just look at those numbers for Cassel and Brady. It just keeps getting harder and harder to deny the truth here.

And not just data, but like actual Xs and Os stuff.

The read option with Tom Brady is the same as the read option with Jacoby Brissett. I will admit that it’s often overlooked just how sneaky athletic Brady is in Belichick’s system that leans heavily on the read option. But still, these guys are just plug and play when it comes to the Patriots.

Now do you get it? Do you understand that Tom Brady is just a system quarterback?

A lot of people are going to try this very same strategy of using numbers and the all-22 to explain why Brady more than just an average quarterback who just happens to be a two-time All Pro first-teamer, two-time league MVP, and three-time Super Bowl MVP. When these eggheads start trying to talk down to you and your fair and balanced take, just give ‘em this little poem (smart folks think they love poetry, but they don’t. Nobody does.)

End. Of. Debate.