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What the heck is this thing a Florida player tore off of a Tennessee player?

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Florida’s Quincy Wilson guaranteed the Gators would continue their decade-long win streak against Tennessee, saying "nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck." He didn’t just talk off the field: He also got into a skirmish with a Vol on the field.

That earned him an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. But, more importantly, what exactly did he rip off his opponent and toss in the air?

It’s probably a piece of the Tennessee player’s shoulder pad. But for that to be true, that means the Tennessee player’s shoulder pad broke apart, and then Wilson reached inside his jersey to yank the loose piece and toss it in the air. Is that what happened? Maybe. But if not, here are some other ideas about what it might be:

  • Yarmulke
  • One of those floppy frisbees for dogs (gotta keep Smokey entertained)
  • Red velvet pancake

Unfortunately for Mr. Wilson, his guarantee turned out to be wrong.