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This Division III interception bounced off a receiver's hands, back, and a defender's helmet

3 Boinks for Division III.

Were you watching Utica’s game against Cortland Saturday afternoon? No? Weird. Well, you missed a heck of a game: Utica knocked off the Red Dragons, 24-13, a thrilling homecoming win for the Pioneers. (Their mascot is a moose.)

But most importantly, the Division III matchup brought us the best play of the day — and perhaps the play of the young season.

By my count, that’s a four-boink play, leading to a Pioneers interception.

Cortland QB DeAngelo Walker rolls out and throws a pass to WR Carlton Ekiyor. But Ekiyor (13) is defended closely by Utica DB Anthony Beaubrun (7).

Ekiyor can’t quite wrangle the ball. The ball pops up in the air as Ekiyor and Beaubrun tumble to the ground.

The ball tumbles onto Ekiyor’s back, boinking off the prone receiver and staying in the air.

Utica DB Matthew McCoy (11) dives in to try to catch the ball, but ends up just kinda tackling Ekiyor, who does not have the ball.

McCoy’s dive/catch attempt/tackle attempt doesn’t result in him touching the ball, but the ball does boink off his helmet.

And it boinks cleanly into the hands of waiting linebacker Dehstin Smart.

Utica went on to win 24-13.

This isn’t actually the wildest play we’ve ever seen involving Cortland football.