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Charlotte protesters are planning to block the Panthers' stadium entrance

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Demonstrations have been carried out in the city over the last five days over the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, an African-American male who was shot and killed by a police officer Tuesday.

Tyler Tynes

Protesters are planning to block the entrance to the Carolina Panthers' stadium Sunday, sources have confirmed to SB Nation. Demonstrations have been carried out in Charlotte over the death of Keith Lamont Scott, an African-American male who was shot and killed Tuesday by a police officer.

The city of Charlotte has declared the game an "extraordinary event," which is defined as "a large scale event of national or international significance which might attract a significant number of people to a certain geographic area of the city." This designation allows the city to prohibit certain items from being brought within certain boundaries of the game. Police are reportedly on high alert.

After some deliberation, the Panthers decided to go forward with their game against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday. "This offseason, we constructed four new security posts around the stadium to account for people coming onto the property," team president Danny Morrison told ESPN. "There are now 95 walk-through magnetometers, which will be used in place of the wanding procedure for screening. Additionally, camera coverage and explosive detection canine teams have been enhanced."

Protests were in full force as of early Sunday afternoon. Black and white demonstrators crowded the streets, calling for justice after Scott's death.

The protests, which have been taking place throughout the city since Tuesday, were within a few blocks of Bank of America Stadium Wednesday. They've been both violent and nonviolent, as a protester was shot and killed earlier this week.