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Patrick Peterson’s unreal 1-handed interception is the only good thing the Cardinals have done against the Bills

If it wasn’t for Patrick Peterson, things would be even worse for the Cardinals on Sunday.

If you know the Arizona Cardinals, and you know the Buffalo Bills, and you saw this absolutely ridiculous one-handed Patrick Peterson interception ...

... why, you’d probably assume the Cardinals are taking it to the 0-2 Bills on the road. Not so! Watch the interception again from an alternate angle. Gosh it’s pretty.

However, Sunday’s game has otherwise been a disaster for the Cardinals, who look like they’re still asleep after what was a 10 a.m. PT kickoff in Buffalo. They gained 2 total yards on their first five offensive drives of the day — all three-and-outs — as they fell into an early 17-0 hole against a team that is coming off a dysfunctional loss to the New York Jets. Carson Palmer started the game just 2-of-11 passing, and the Bills’ ground game is running all over a good Cardinals defense.

Peterson’s interception was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, it’ll be overshadowed by an ugly loss if the Cardinals don’t start moving the ball soon.